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Final Farewells


The end-of-life transition for our beloved animal friends is a difficult and emotional time for all involved.  However, providing a peaceful passage in a familiar setting is one way to lessen the stress and also one of the greatest gifts you can give to your pet and yourself.  Whether it is in your living room, a favorite spot on the deck or in your yard, or in another location surrounding by familiar faces, “in-home” euthanasia eliminates the fear and stress associated with the noises & scents of a veterinary clinic and does away with the need to transport an elderly or terminally ill pet at the end of their life.



If your pet has not been seen by Dr. Steele recently or you are not sure if it is the right time, please call to discuss your pet’s condition before scheduling an appointment.  If you are not a regular client of Mill Valley Mobile Vet, you can also have your usual veterinarian call Dr. Steele to discuss the details of your pet’s medical condition.

Once you have determined that it is time to say goodbye, think about how and when you want to arrange the farewell.  Family members and friends may want to visit beforehand, or you may want to include them in the actual euthanasia.  Determine what type of aftercare you want for your beloved friend.  We provide full cremation services – with the individual option, your pet’s cremains are returned to you.  Some people prefer a communal cremation with no return of cremains.  Once you have made these important decisions or if you need any advice, call Dr. Steele to schedule an appointment and discuss your wishes.



Once she arrives, she will make your pet comfortable in the chosen location.  We welcome the inclusion of your friends & family members and can accommodate any particular wishes that you have surrounding the euthanasia service.



Dr. Steele will give your pet a sedation that will allow them to relax and be in a comfortable place.  They will no longer be aware of their physical body but their spirit is still with them and they know you are by their side.  Once your pet has fully reached this state, she will give the injection that passes them from this life into whatever lies beyond for them.  This process is peaceful and painless.      



She will provide respectful transport of your beloved friend for whatever aftercare service that you choose.  If your pet is over 30 pounds she will need someone to assist her in taking your pet, wrapped in a blanket and on a soft sling to her car. If you have selected an individual cremation, Dr. Steele will call you when the cremains are back to set up a time to return them to you in person. This takes 7-10 days.

If you have selected a group cremation no ashes will be returned to you and they will be spread with other animals ashes at the crematorium. You may also choose to keep your pet and make your own arrangements. Burying on your property is legal in Marin County.



The average in-home euthanasia costs $500. - $750.

The price varies due to your location and your choice of cremation type.


Travel Fee – based on location/ variable from $50. -$150.(see “Fees”

Euthanasia service /$350.

Cremation options

Cremation, communal (ashes not returned)/ $150.

Cremation, private (just your pet's ashes returned) varies based on weight:

Under 20 lbs.= $325.

20-50 lbs.= $350.

51-100 lbs.= $375.

Over 100-150 lbs.= $400.

Over 150 lbs.= $450.

All emergency calls after-hours should be directed to the Pet Emergency and Specialty Center of Marin at 415-456-7372

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