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FAQs (frequently asked questions)


1. How should I prepare for my house call appointment?


Be sure to have the patient ready! Dogs should be indoors, and cats should be resting comfortably in a room where they cannot hide under a bed, in a closet, etc. Please have your pet(s) easily available for examination. If your pet is hiding or otherwise inaccessible when we arrive at your house, you will be charged the appropriate house-call fee but we will unfortunately need to re-schedule your pet’s exam & services.


2. How will Dr. Steele know my pet’s previous medical history?

Before your pet’s first appointment (ideally at least one week), please have your previous veterinarian fax your pet’s medical records to Mill Valley Mobile Vet at 415-789-4498. Be sure to include any lab work results and a history of vaccinations. Also, make a list of all medications (including dietary supplements and topical flea/tick treatments) that you give your pet.


3. I have several pets in my home. What types of animals does Dr. Steele treat?

Dr. Steele is skilled in the treatment of cats and dogs. She also has limited experience in small mammals including rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits. She will be happy to refer you to another local veterinarian for treatment of birds and reptiles.


4. Will having a veterinarian come to my house cost more than clinic-based care for my pets?

This depends on your circumstances, and the fee structure at your previous clinic. When considering the total cost of veterinary care, be sure to factor in the time and stress it takes to prepare and transport your pet to a clinic for treatment. Our house call fee is charged per visit, so clients with multiple pets benefit from having them seen at the same time. You can also get the most out of a single house call by getting together with the pets of a neighbor or friend in the same location. Fees for examination & specific services are generally comparable to those charged by other local veterinarians.


5. How can I obtain a cost estimate before the day of my appointment?

For basic visits, you can probably determine a rough estimate from the “fees” section of our website. All visits to your home are associated with a house call fee, based on where you live. Each patient seen by Dr. Steele will incur an exam fee. Any services and/or medications provided will be additional.i.Example: I live in Sausalito and have two dogs that need an annual exam and a rabies vaccine. Estimate: Travel fee for house call to Sausalito ($75.), two patient exams ($75. each), two vaccinations ($25. each),  Total =  $275.

If you need a more specific estimate, please ask when scheduling your appointment.


6. It is time to say goodbye to my beloved animal friend. Do you provide euthanasia services?

Yes. Dr. Steele has been providing compassionate, home-based end-of-life transitions for pets throughout her career. For details, please see “final farewells.”

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